Our Philosophy
Fostering the Web 3.0
Opensource Only
Technology First
  • Frozen
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures, Cofounder @Rebase, Cofounder @Web3Camp
  • Harry Liu
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures, Cofounder @Rebase
  • Shooter Liu
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures, Cofounder @Rebase
  • Bob
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures, Cofounder @Rebase, Steward @GitcoinDAO
  • Gala Guo
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures, Cofounder @Rebase
  • Mr. Hammer
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures
  • Mr. Anonymous
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures
  • Dream
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures
  • River Zhou
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures, Cofounder @Rebase
  • Meng Qi
    Partner @Rebase D. Ventures
  • JoyID
    JoyID is a web-based wallet solution that supports multiple blockchain networks and platforms and is designed to streamline the user experience for everyday users.
  • D3Serve Labs
    Trust, digitized. D3Serve Labs is the core contributor of ERC-5750, ERC-5732, ERC-5679.
  • Portal Gate
    A compliant, decentralized and non-custodial privacy solution leveraging zero-knowledge technology to anonymise on-chain trading and capital flow.
  • EthStorage
    Scaling the Storage of the World Computer. A Layer 2 solution provides programmable dynamic storage based on Ethereum's Data Availability. Grant supported by Ethereum Foundation for DA research.
  • SeeDAO
    SeeDAO's is a network polis to connect millions nomads in Web3 Our vision is Creating an alternative human living space in cyberspace outside the regional of nation-state.
  • OpenSky
    A freer, smarter NFT marketplace. A DeFi protocol that enables NFT stakers to value their NFTs and borrow on demand while maintaining control. The first integrated peer-to-pool and peer-to-peer NFT lending protocol built on top of aave.com.
  • CryptoC
    CryptoC is an influential NFT-focused community in China, connecting artists, collectors, NFT projects, and public chains. Approximately all the Chinese NFT KOLs gather in CryptoC, talking about the hot spots about NFT topics.
  • TEA Project
    TEA Project is a decentralized cloud computing platform that hosts rich decentralized applications. TEA Project combines good parts from both blockchain and cloud computing.
  • Apron Network
    Apron Network is a decentralized infrastructure services platform for DApp developers, DApp users, and services providers. By using Apron Network, services providers and services users can project their privacy by keeping anonymous.